Video as a marketing device has growing faster than was expected. If you are not employing video as a means to connect with your audience you will eventually get left in the dust. There is no better way to present your business as this in your face medium that can create a business-client relationship.Online engagement according to comScore is 32 videos a month for the average user.
As far as videos that rank on the first page of search results there is no more visible result than the custom thumbnail that you can implement.
It is a fact that most people would rather watch a video for information they seek rather than read it.

From the Huffington Post:
 In fact, research increasingly suggests that consumers are more likely to view video than any other resource online. Considering this fact, if you have never thought about posting videos on your website and/or social media platforms, here are 10 key reasons why you should be using video…very frequently:”

Source: Lights, Camera, Action! Why Video Is Your Best Marketing Tool in 2015 | R. Kay Green


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